About me

In 1985 my 5th-grade teach helped me make a haunted house on an Apple IIe. I drew it out on graph paper, and we typed in something like HPLOT 50,50 TO 100,100 to draw lines. Then I taught all the other kids how to do it. I became obsessed with it.

I went on to make several animations and games in Apple Basic, eventually graduating to the Beagle Compiler in ProDos. By 1988 I moved to the PC and 16-colour EGA using Microsoft QuickBasic (before VisualBasic). By the time Windows came out I had discovered the Mac and graphic design using resolution-independent vectors instead of pixels.

In 2008 I rediscovered programming by using scripting in ActionScript 3.0 to make graphics interactive. This was Object-oriented programming, and it was far more advanced than the Basic of 25 years prior. Since 2010 I’ve been learning Objective-C using the Cocos2D for iPhone toolkit to make iOS apps and games.

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